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Mr Andros Anastasiou


Andros is an experienced criminal defence barrister with over 21 years’ experience in criminal defence work. He has regularly been instructed both as led and leading counsel in several high-profile cases in recent years, in relation to allegations of murder, attempted murder, armed robbery, firearms offences, sexual offences and large-scale frauds.

Andros has established himself as an exceptional barrister with a great personality and who prides himself on client care. He has a great rapport with all his clients and professionals alike.

After spending 9 years in chambers, Andros joined a large Solicitors firm as part of their newly formed advocacy department. Andros assisted in the running of the Criminal Department before becoming a Senior Partner at Kingsbury Ellis Solicitors in 2015.

Andros is often requested by clients to represent them in the Police Station, Magistrates Court and the Crown Court.


Examples of Andros’s past cases include:

  • R v F [2012] (Murder. Gangland shooting of victim in a busy high street)
  • R v M [2012] (Murder of 91 year old man in his home in the course of theft by a female defendant)
  • R v W [2013] (Gangland style fatal shooting of man linked to local gangs in Enfield caught on CCTV)
  • R v C [2014] (Burglary of a cannabis factory which resulted in the murder of an occupant of the address)
  • R v M (2014) (Terrorist funding linked to the London Bombings)
  • R v A [2015] (£64 million money laundering involving a small basement MSB)
  • R v R [2015] (Case involving 14 deaf defendants all of whom are alleged to have conspired to defraud the DWP)
  • R v K (2016) (Multi handed child grooming case)
  • R v H (2017) (Serious kidnap and assault)
  • R v L (2018) (Industrial production of over 100 kgs of cannabis)
  • R v M (2018) (Kidnap, false imprisonment & torture of members of a rival gang)
  • R v Q/D (2019) (Large scale supply of drugs into prisons involving numerous defendants)
  • R v B (2020) (Large scale people smuggling operation in which vulnerable people were smuggled to the UK in wardrobes)
  • R v R (2021) (Perverting the course of Justice in the highest profile Murder cases in the UK)

Mrs Adel Buckingham


Adel has worked in criminal defence for over 14 years. She has experience in a wide range of matters including fraud, murder and firearm related offences.

She spent seven years at a large North London firm where she focussed on crown court litigation. She then moved on to a North West London firm in 2010 where she was responsible for managing a team of higher court advocates, paralegals and solicitors and worked as primary litigator on a range of large and serious cases.

She is a founding partner at Kingsbury Ellis Solicitors.


Her notable cases include:

  • R v SB [2009] and R v SAH [2013] (both conspiracies to supply firearms across the U.K)
  • R v M and others [2010] (cross border smuggling)
  • R v K and others [2010] (VHCC case involving 9 defendants charged with conspiracy to defraud UK banks of over £25 million)
  • R v D [2011] (computer hacking related offences. Adel supervised this case from beginning to end. This case had links to various government departments both in the UK and US and ultimately earned Adel recognition from the Law Society Gazette for her work on this unusual and complex case.)
  • R v C [2013] (£4 million boiler room fraud)
  • R v N and C [2017] (multi-handed robbery
  • R v T [2018] (a multi handed conspiracy to import firearms into the UK
  • R v M [2019] (a multi handed conspiracy of people smuggling).

Adel is proud to robustly defend her clients. She continues to use her skills and expertise to litigate serious crown court cases and to manage a team of staff.

Adel is Head of the Crown Court Litigation Department at Kingsbury Ellis Solicitors.

Allegations of fraud require a clear strategy from the outset.