Conspiracy & Multi Defendant Cases


Emergency? Call 0203 963 7850 Mon-Fri 9am-5.30pm or 07535 649 298 24hrs

Emergency? Call 0203 963 7850 Mon-Fri 9am-5.30pm.
Or 07535 649 298 24hrs

The partners at Kingsbury Ellis LLP have a wealth of experience in relation to allegations of conspiracy and those involving multiple defendants.

Such cases require both a clear strategy from the very start of any case and the experience to deal with not only the case concerning your client but frequently those concerning co defendants’.

Allegations of conspiracy frequently involve many thousands of documents and pages of prosecution evidence including telephone cell site, banking material and further technical evidence.

Trials frequently focus upon many seemingly insignificant pieces of evidence to which the prosecution attempt to attach their ‘case theory’. Our lawyers have been dealing with such cases for many years and are experts at countering such allegations.

The 3 barrister partners at Kingsbury Ellis have all acted in numerous cases involving such evidence as led and leading counsel throughout their careers and fully understand the importance of a consistent and experienced defence team.

Adel Buckingham has, as a senior litigator a huge amount of experience acting for clients charged in relation to conspiracy to supply and import drugs, prohibited firearms, tobacco, people trafficking and acts as litigator in the majority of our cases.

One of the main advantages in having a barrister & solicitor partners is that at Kingsbury Ellis, we are able to discuss cases as soon as any evidence is served which frequently occurs right up to the day of trial and beyond. This ensures that the time spent defending your case is far in excess than with the traditional set up. It is one of the factors that really sets us apart to the advantage of every client we represent.

Some of our past, large scale conspiracy cases include:

  • R v Y Conspiracy to supply CISCO computer equipment on a massive scale;
  • R v R Conspiracy to defraud mortgage companies involving solicitor and barrister defendants
  • R v T Conspiracy to import prohibited firearms into the U.K from Eastern Europe
  • R v M Conspiracy to traffic Vietnamese nationals into the U.K
  • R v M Conspiracy to supply cocaine and heroin
  • R v SAH Conspiracy to supply firearms across the U.K
  • R v K Conspiracy to defraud U.K banks of over £25 million involving 9 defendants

We have a wealth of experience in representing people charged with motoring offences