Sexual Offences


Emergency? Call 0203 963 7850 Mon-Fri 9am-5.30pm or 07535 649 298 24hrs

Emergency? Call 0203 963 7850 Mon-Fri 9am-5.30pm.
Or 07535 649 298 24hrs

Of all the allegations one can face, it is perhaps sexual offences that stir up the most emotion. We recognise that even the allegation, however vague, can have a devastating effect on an accused’s home life, employment, relationships and liberty.

Representing an accused in relation to allegations of a sexual nature requires sensitivity, experience and a thorough knowledge of ever changing legislation and court procedure. It is in relation to allegations of this kind, where experienced qualified practitioners are invaluable.

Cases of a sexual nature frequently involve evidence using ‘special measures’ such as video recorded evidence, pre-recorded cross examination, and numerous court hearings.

Continuity of representation is important, especially in cases of a sensitive nature.

At Kingsbury Ellis, we will allocate your case to a specific solicitor and barrister from the very start. Together we will work to obtain the very best result possible.

In recent years, our partners have been involved in and obtained numerous acquittals in relation to allegations of rape, sexual assault, trafficking, indecent assault and indecent images.

Call our office to arrange an appointment to speak in complete confidence to one of our partners about any allegation of a sexual nature.

Kingsbury Ellis can assist where other firms may lack the experience in this complex area